Catch a figure



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9 December 2013

  The secret to learning numbers, figures and colors for a two year old child


You see that your child is ready to perceive numbers, forms and colors. Smart Cat Studio, LLC has developed a new educational app “Catch a figure!” for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, taking into account age characteristics of a two year old child.


All parents want their children to get the harmonious development. But it’s still difficult to define the type of information perception of a two year old child.

Mini-games of “Catch a figure!” help your child to work out the skills of visual perception of objects and also their listening recognition. This educational app takes into acco

unt age characteristics of a little child: eyesight specifics, limited time of concentration and produces colorful realistic illustrations and a professional soundtrack. Besides, you can gradually adjust a pace of a game to make tasks more complicated.

Observant mothers can often watch how quickly a child leaves off a boring toy. There is a system of encouragement in “Catch a figure!”: a child gets a funny animal that he/she can feed, scratch and even frighten a little bit, after passing a game stage. Your child is sure to play a game again! As a result, a little one will learn figures, colors and forms faster and training will be fun!

Of course, you’ll find specifically created music, great graphics and a trained professional voice for your child receives the best results! Mums and dads can watch the progress using a result displaying system. Smart Cat Studio, LLC makes teaching children mobile and funny!

We are against advertizing in children's apps. Choosing our safe children development apps, parents will be completely satisfied!

Lite version is available!


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