Catch a Figure. Lite



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Release date: 
19 December 2013

Learn numbers and forms with an exciting educational app "Catch a figure!" for children from 2 to 6! Encouraging prizes and funny walks with magnificent African savanna animals will delight you and make learning truly absorbing!
Mini-games of “Catch a figure!” help your child to work out object (number, figure) visualization skills and also their listening recognition. This educational app takes into account age characteristics of a little child: eyesight specifics, limited time of concentration and produces colorful realistic illustrations and a professional soundtrack.

- for ages 2 and up;
- learn numbers and forms by visualization or by listening recognition;
- choose a pace of a game for the best perception;
- development of attention and response rate;
- use a system of encouragement for multiple repetitions;
- learning activities are alternated with relaxation ones;
- meet the world of African savanna and take care of its magnificent animals;
- watch the progress of your child, using a result displaying system;
- no ads in our children's apps.

If our game has really helped your child quickly memorize numbers and colors, will be grateful for a review of it in the AppStore. Duplicate your feedback at our address indicating the age of the child, and we'll give you a promo code for full version!

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