Gifts for Kids



Version number: 
Release date: 
21 April 2014


Little elves need your help urgently! They must grow gifts and bring them for the holiday in time, otherwise children will be left without new dolls and cars. What should we do? Hurry up, we need to go to a magic gift factory right away!


The game "A Magic Garden"

Do you think that wonderful gifts for Christmas or birthday come from a store? No! They grow on the trees in the magic elf garden. You need to help to water the trees. A wicked witch often breaks the pipe system so the gifts can dry out! Little hardworking elves can’t repair a water supply system all by themselves. Please, help them! It is necessary that the gifts ripe in time!

The game "The Gifts Conveyor"

 The gifts have grown! Now you need to set them out in the cars carefully and send them off on a journey to the children’s holiday! It is not easy to arrange the gifts in a right order – the blue ones – in a blue car, the red ones – in a red car. A little time left, so hurry up!


The game "We hurry for a Holiday”


The gifts have grown and packed, the cars are ready to deliver gifts right for the holiday! Be careful, the road is dangerous and difficult. You ride night and day, through puddles and stones, you go right and zigzag. It is difficult to bring bright boxes safe and sound. But you can do it for sure! The children are sohappy! They will get the most remarkable gifts!

The game "Gifts For Kids” will keep your child busy for a long time. These three mini-games get your child a great and wonderful time plus logical tasks that develop spatial thinking.

- For children ages 5 and up;
- Contains three mini-games;
- Develops logic and spatial thinking.