Read in Russian



Version number: 
Release date: 
17 June 2014

The company «SmartCatStudio»,LLC presents a new development – a game  «Read in Russian». It is designed for children from two years. The rules of this game are simple: you have to pop the ballons. But this is no ordinary speed game, it is elaborate interactive game, which will help your child get acquanted with letters, syllablles and learn to read. In the easy playful form your child will remember letters of russian alphabet and will learn to read syllables unwittingly.

Each level of this game involves realization of the special task – for example, you need to find all balloons with letter «a». Baby remembers this letter not only visually, but also aurally. When the level is completed, child receives gifts! It will be different object, which can use for play with inhabitants of the magical russian forest. Baby can feed them, pat the inhabitants. This is an encouragement for your child and an opportunity for him to have a rest from brain work.


            Game features:

  1. For children from 2 years
  2. Includes bright colorful animations on the theme of the russian forest
  3. Progressive method of teaching the basic of reading underlines this game
  4. Speed control of passing game, which depends on the age
  5. Motivating factor – gifts wait at the end of each level.